Takeaway Fans: Guest #1 Nicola

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Hungr Takeaway Fans- Nicola


Welcome to the first edition of Takeaway Fans – Hungr’s Blog where we interview interesting persons trying out some of the city’s best takeaway.

About Nicola – Our first guest at Takeaway Fans

Hungr has arrived

HUNGR: Welcome to the Hungr Blog Nicola. What are you doing here in Berlin?
Nicola: I’m in Berlin since a couple of days and I don’t know the city very well. Today I visited my brother at his office and we wanted have lunch together and spend time talking and sharing our little stories as we always do. We both have been traveling a lot and are both many experiences richer.

HUNGR: So Nicola – tell us what your first time was like!
Nicola: My first time with the Hungr App was something quite new. I was introduced to the concept by my brother and it’s actually pretty easy to order on Hungr. As an Italian it was great to get the full app in my own language as well.

HUNGR: What stood out for you?
Nicola: I went straight for a Lasagna and ordered a Pasta Aglio e Olio for my brother. The app suggested 3 restaurants ready to deliver I picked the one which was closer.
To be honest it made my day. In 5 minutes my order was placed and I could lean back and wait to get served.

Team Hungr

Nicola’s Lasagna at lunch with his brother

HUNGR: As you know, you are our first guest on the Takeaway Fans blog. We really want to know what the food was like when it arrived!
Nicola: I worked as a Chef for many years and food what I am all about! There are several components of a great food experience: Appearance, texture, odor, taste are the most important characteristics to keep an eye out for.
My Lasagna arrived in a round container, similar to what in Italian it’s called “Terrina”… the only difference was the aluminium. Everything was proper and warm as it should be. The odor of the dish was a bit distracted from sitting in the kitchen next to the coffee machine but you can’t really blame that on the food 🙂
Already the first bite gave me confirmation that I had picked a good restaurant. I am honest when I say that the Lasagna was just as good as the one I make when I have time on Sunday morning – and definitely much better to any my brother ever made.

HUNGR: Happy to hear that! But what about the delivery time and price vs quality?
Nicola: As I said, I’m new in Berlin and I don’t know what is the typical speed for takeaway delivery in town, but my order arrived in 45 minutes! The quality was great and the price was as I would have expected it.

HUNGR: Do you any ideas to suggest to the Restaurant?
Nicola: Maybe one thing would be for the driver to better welcome the user and with a smile help communicate which dish is which so that I don’t have to guess and risk opening the dish belonging to somebody else than me.

Thanks Nicola for sharing  your experience with us.

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Hungr has arrived

Hungr – Welcome Screen

Hungr has arrived

Hungr Takeaway Fans- Nicola