The end of HUNGR

Takeaway portals suck. For high-frequency services such as takeaway it should really only take seconds for users to transact. It should not require the kind of brainpower the current incumbent services do.

HUNGR was founded exactly to change that. But after 12 exciting and exhausting months of turning the industry’s “yellow pages” experience into a truly mobile 3-tap experience, we have decided to close up shop.

The business idea of HUNGR was simple: We would sign up only the 20% best rated delivery restaurants – ALL the restaurants on HUNGR would thus be good and would save the user from the market-places’ endless scrolling and risk of picking a bad restaurant. Also, our research showed that 93% of people who order takeaway care more about the food and delivery quality than about the brand of the restaurant when ordering for delivery. This insight inspired us to create the industry’s only app where the user picks the dishes from a generic menu-card first, and then in a 2nd step sees a short list of the restaurants that are closest, has the cheapest basket price (a completely unique feature) and are the best rated. HUNGR would make it much easier to order food online – something like a Hotel Tonight for takeaway.

The first 6 months of our venture went great. We raised capital from an experienced group of angel-investors, we built an amazing high-energy team, signed the 200 best delivery restaurants in Berlin, and launched the first version of our app in a shape close to what we originally had envisioned. We were on fire!

The Launch itself also went great. We saw faster 1st month order growth than any takeaway market-place – and we saw 38% of our users in September order again in October. Exciting times it was. But that’s also when the reality of this horribly over-crowded market hit us.

Obviously we knew it would be competitive. And in our business case we had planned with a marketing cost that was well above the benchmarks we had from the existing market-places. However, since we started planning HUNGR in late 2014, irrational competition has driven the cost to attract new users to extreme levels – everybody is loosing money. Especially in the major cities which is where the HUNGR concept makes the biggest difference. With the 10% commission that HUNGR charges to restaurants it would take +20 orders just to make back the initial marketing cost of attracting a new user. Add to this the cost of future reactivation and loyalty initiatives and we were looking at 2 years just to break even on the marketing cost for a new customer.

In the last months it became clear that to drive down this upfront acquisition cost we would need to invest heavily in the brand to shout loud enough to get heard through the market noise. We would have to roll out nationally to reach users through a broader range of marketing channels and to tap better into organic app-store downloads, PR and TV. And to do that would require a risk-willing investor with deep pockets to fight it out with us in a red hot market.

Unfortunately, finding a partner with serious funds for a crowded market before having proven attractive and repeatable KPI’s to show is not feasible. And thus, we have decided to put HUNGR on the back burner until the dust settles a bit in the industry. We got the timing wrong, but our belief that the market-place must evolve remains unchanged. With consumers spending +$100bn every year on delivery food they will surely not stand for a web 2.0 experience forever. Hopefully, other innovative food startups will pick up the baton and succeed.

cake hungrEven with all this said and done, we have no regrets. Albeit risky, starting a business from scratch is an incredible learning opportunity and fulfilling life experience that has made us all smarter and ready for our next ventures. It was a honor to fight in the trenches with Lorena, Raffaele, Boris, Friederike, Else, Bruno, Adolf, Eleonora, Dimitri, Martijn and Eimear who all put their heart and soul into HUNGR. Count on us all to continue to push the digital evolution!

Rasmus Wolff,
Founder, HUNGR


Hungr New App Design…check it out!

Hungr New Release Header

Hungr is really excited to bring you a bunch of cool features with this new release.

– Brand new look: The clean and modern interface we introduced on the frontpage with last release is now visible across the app.

– New Menu Screen: This includes a new navigation that saves space on the screen, space for the full text description, and faster loading of images

– Express checkout: New users will find the process of completing the first order much easier with the new combined check-out and registration page

– Pay Online: Save your card for easy re-ordering.

– Various fixes making the app faster and better. Keep sending us your feedback to Thanks!

Today we launched (and it feels pretty magical, actually)

Hungr has arrived

Hungr has arrived

BERLIN, JULY 22 2015

Boy, have we been waiting for this moment to finally be able to say: “We have launched!”

It has been some busy months for our little startup. Starting from zero and till today being available for download in the German AppStore and open for business in Berlin.

We have achieved quite a bit in a short time:

  • Built a fantastic founding team of skilled and motivated people who enjoy each others company
  • Defined, created and evolved a state of the art core platform on brand new technologies that will leap-frog all other players in our market
  • Partnered with Berlins’ best 100 restaurants. (and typed their menus into our systems)
  • Established all core functions, processes, and supporting tools to launch the business – and found investors who believe in us too.

But we have only just begun. And we are not going to slow down now! Among the things that will be taking a lot of our focus in the next weeks are:

  • Starting to advertise our service to consumers
  • Tuning processes in our customer service to ensure that we become smooth operators
  • Engaging closely with and listening to our restaurant partners and our end-users
  • Extend our core platform. Most importantly supporting online payments and optimising speed and usability – and building the app for Android.

What feels so great is that we as a team have a very clear image in our heads of what needs to be done. And everybody in the team is super flexible and lifts whatever the biggest need is.

Together with our great great partners  (Showoff, Ronnie Rocket, LeROI, Wendero, itembase, Jens, PKF, You & the gang, and many more), and our backers (Giorgio, Ulrik, Laurens, Martijn, Louis, Philipp, Shane, Philip, Leigh AND METTE) we feel we are in a strong position to take the battles that are waiting ahead of us.

To infinity and beyond!

Team Hungr

Team Hungr: Lorena, Raffaele, Dimitrios, Friederike, Eimear, Martijn, Else, Yasmin, Boris, Rasmus. Enjoying the first meal ordered via Hungr. EVER!!!