Company Christmas Party – Survival Guide

Hungr Christams_All Team

The company Christmas party is without a doubt a tricky event to get through unscaved: With the Glühwein and cheap liquor flowing in abundance we’ve all struggled to keep it together and return to the office with our heads held high the infamous day after. Luckily Hungr consists of a team of christmas-party survivors, happy to pass on our wisdom:

  1. Never, ever, skip dinner! You are doing nobody any favours with slogans like “eating is cheating”. Without a solid base to build upon with all that free booze you will definitely be the one falling into the christmas tree. And of course, we can help you out with that one: Enjoy our Pasta Menu deal, and order a pasta-dish + bruschetta or salad + drink for only €5!
  2. Sing loudly to your favorite Christmas songs, even if you’re not blessed with the voice of an angel! What better to bring the christmas spirit and party vibes than unbridled enthusiasm? Don’t be a afraid to show your colleagues what it means to have a great time, simply don’t overdo it.
  3. Do yourself a favor and get yourself a cab home. Drink at least 1 liter of water, take an aspirin and come in fresh as a daisy the next day. Ready to shine.

Merry Christmas