Tatort: Er wird töten (Episode 876)


In a new blog series, we preview the classic Tatort TV show shown on German and Austrian television. Sunday night at 20:15, millions of fans tune into Das Erste (ARD) to watch the longest running crime show in television history. A record was set in 2013 with almost 13 million viewers.

Synopsis for tonight’s episode [Wikipedia]:

Stedefreund is back from Afghanistan! But before main Commissioner Inga Lürsen can rejoice, she has to deal with a woman who constantly threatens “He will kill.” As Stedefreund will fetch Inga’s new colleague Leo Uljanoff, he makes a gruesome discovery: Leo was murdered in the police station. The search for the murderer begins.

Although Inga had a love affair with Leo, she wants to solve the case. Reunited, Inga and Stedefreund start with the investigation. They find out that it has to do with a woman, who sees doctor Marie Schemer. She accused her ex-husband Joseph for stalking them, to threaten them and their little daughter and now also killibg Leo.

In fact, there is a connection: Leo initiated a case in which it came to the death of the daughter of Joseph and Marie eight years ago. At that time, Joseph was convicted of killing the child. Is that why Leo was murdered?

German trailer:

Austrian trailer:

Here is the classic Tatort theme by Klaus Doldinger:

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