Why there is no shame in ordering take away every day…


Did any of your friends or family ever give you that judgemental frown when you served them an excellent meal coming from a shiny little aluminum box? It’s sad that some people simply can’t appreciate the love and attention that goes into ordering them their favorite take-away meal. Some of us simply aren’t gifted with that magic culinary touch, some of us rather spend their time on other activities, and guess what: There is nothing wrong with that! Cooking isn’t easy at all, and even boiling an egg isn’t as simple as ordering food with the Hungr app.

For instance: What is pasta’s problem?! Some pasta needs to be boiled for 5, some for 10, some for 20 minutes. Decide already! Who wants to be studying the pasta packaging in the supermarket, and then again when it’s time to prep your dish?


And how to proceed when you don’t have the appropriate kitchen tools? Creativity can sometimes be a bad thing….


Even when you’re trying to keep it simple by shoving a frozen pizza in the oven, there is so much that can go wrong.

Really, no food type can be trusted when you’re trying to cook it yourself. Trying to be creative with your leftovers? Forget it. Even cheese will betray you.


Think you can avoid all this drama by using your microwave? Guess again…


So be safe, don’t destroy your kitchen, your sense of self-worth and your appetite, just use the Hungr app 🙂