Wacky Wednesday: Artist Uses Oreos As A Canvas and Creates Insane Cookie Art



Foodbeast.com recently reported on artist Tisha Cherry, for whom Oreo cookies are just another canvas.

Using Oreo’s creme filling as her “paints,” Cherry recreates art masterpieces and more, in miniature, atop the famed cookies.

Her cookie creations include copies of Grant Wood’s “American Gothic,” Henri Matisse’s “The Dance,” Raphael’s “Cherubs,” self-portraits by Frida Kahlo and Vincent van Gogh, and even the poster from the movie “Jaws.”

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Wacky Wednesday: ‘Hannibal’ Re-Cut As A Wacky Food Network Reality Show


This is a re-cut that imagines NBC’s Hannibal as a kind of Food Network-y reality competition show called Hannibal’s Celebrity Kitchen. The editing is pretty on-point, especially the bouncy music and jerky, reality shows camera move. And using clips from the actors’ press interviews about the show as the fake show’s interview cutaways was an inspired decision, as was pretending that the celebrities were at the table themselves, instead of in character.

You can watch Hannibal on Netflix here.

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Wacky Wednesday: Do you remember Lady Gaga’s meat dress?


When a dress makes you hungry, you rarely think of eating the actual dress. That changed in 2010. Here’s today’s wacky story.

Lady Gaga, herself a vegan, didn’t mean to make a statement against animal rights when she wore this dress, made of real meat, at the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards, but she certainly upset PETA. That didn’t stop her from winning eight VMAs that year.

The meat dress even has its own Wikipedia page. Also in German, where it created the term ‘Fleischkleid’.

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