….You’re supposed to know what day of the week it is, but you really don’t. You have either left your family a bit too soon and are finding yourself all alone in your hometown, or you have lingered juuust a bit too long and the family frustrations are slowly creeping up. You are still feeling seriously stuffed from the infamous christmas dinners but you’re starting to feel the pressure to look fantastic for NYE. Luckily for you, we have all the answers:

With Hungr you’re never alone in town! Our customer service teams is by your side, to keep you company when none of your friends are in town yet and of course to make sure that your food arrives hot & on time. When you need to cool of from your family for a bit, you can order a meal for one from us, since our restaurants will deliver for a low minimum delivery value (usually under €10, you can even get one Pasta Menu Deal for only €5!). And to help you shed those christmas pounds, why not try out some of our varied sushi menus? We have the best sushi delivery places on board, willing to deliver menus from €5 – €15!

And in case we don’t see you anymore before the big night….


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