Today we launched (and it feels pretty magical, actually)

Hungr has arrived

Hungr has arrived

BERLIN, JULY 22 2015

Boy, have we been waiting for this moment to finally be able to say: “We have launched!”

It has been some busy months for our little startup. Starting from zero and till today being available for download in the German AppStore and open for business in Berlin.

We have achieved quite a bit in a short time:

  • Built a fantastic founding team of skilled and motivated people who enjoy each others company
  • Defined, created and evolved a state of the art core platform on brand new technologies that will leap-frog all other players in our market
  • Partnered with Berlins’ best 100 restaurants. (and typed their menus into our systems)
  • Established all core functions, processes, and supporting tools to launch the business – and found investors who believe in us too.

But we have only just begun. And we are not going to slow down now! Among the things that will be taking a lot of our focus in the next weeks are:

  • Starting to advertise our service to consumers
  • Tuning processes in our customer service to ensure that we become smooth operators
  • Engaging closely with and listening to our restaurant partners and our end-users
  • Extend our core platform. Most importantly supporting online payments and optimising speed and usability – and building the app for Android.

What feels so great is that we as a team have a very clear image in our heads of what needs to be done. And everybody in the team is super flexible and lifts whatever the biggest need is.

Together with our great great partners  (Showoff, Ronnie Rocket, LeROI, Wendero, itembase, Jens, PKF, You & the gang, and many more), and our backers (Giorgio, Ulrik, Laurens, Martijn, Louis, Philipp, Shane, Philip, Leigh AND METTE) we feel we are in a strong position to take the battles that are waiting ahead of us.

To infinity and beyond!

Team Hungr

Team Hungr: Lorena, Raffaele, Dimitrios, Friederike, Eimear, Martijn, Else, Yasmin, Boris, Rasmus. Enjoying the first meal ordered via Hungr. EVER!!!