Raffaele from Hungr: Skype is the most social travel app (and other cool app tips)


It’s summer time and vacation for many people. This week, we talk to Raffaele from Hungr about his favourite apps for travelling and he reveals a special place from his best trip. Remember to sign up for Hungr here.

Vacation time is coming up – which apps and sites do you use to plan your trip?

My favourite service is actually Skype. My girlfriend and I live in different cities, so we use Skype to discuss and plan things like travelling. When we agree on a location, we start looking at Airbnb together trying to find the best solution. On Airbnb you can even find some local tips about the neighbourhood from people who have already been there. Then we move to TripAdvisor to see more information about the district. So may favorite travel tools are Skype, AirBnB and TripAdvisor. [Not all the tips on TripAdvisor are good, ed.]

Once you are actually on vacation, which travel apps do you use to get around and improve your travel experience?

I am still sticking to TripAdvisor. I don’t like to spend too much time on my phone, while I’m on vacation, but TripAdvisor is still a good tool to compare things. Also I use blogs. You can easily search for local blogs on your phone by typing name of the city of area plus blog. You have real people writing about their cites on blogs. I really trust the blogs.

Are you online or offline when you are on vacation and do you take pictures and video with your smartphone and if you do, where do you post them?

Nice question. I try to be offline because I like authentic experience. But at the same time once you get back to your AirBnB home, you like to share memories with your friends. Typically on Facebook. But lately, to tell the truth, the app I love most for travel and for everyday life is called 1SecondEveryDay. The app allows you to take the video you took the day and choose one second frame and put it in a calendar. Then the app creates a video from your frames. So right now, my favourite app is 1SecondEveryDay.

What was your best vacation ever and can we find pictures or video from that vacation on social media?

Again, nice question. My favourite trip so far has been to Barcelona in Spain. It was in June 2008. And of course you find pictures from the trip. I discovered a lot of different things on that trip, where I travelled alone. The city allows you to do everything. It’s sunny and it’s full of art. And I think the thing I love most about Barcelona is a place called Palau de la Música Catalana. Not so many people know about it, but you can find lots of pictures on the Internet, especially of the interior design. Discovering that magical place was part of making the Barcelona trip my favourite.

Thousands of people – millions of people actually – are coming to Berlin this summer. The German capital is becoming one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. What are your three best tips for all these visitors coming to Berlin?

Another nice question. First of all: take the bike. I ride my bike every day and during the summer it is extra wonderful. Riding on a bicycle will give you the best feeling of the city. Berlin is not just about clubbing. It is actually an amazing and relaxing place. It is not like Milan or Paris or other big cities. My second tip is having brunch in Prenzlauer Berg on a Sunday morning, where you will be surrounded by not so young people but you get another feeling of the city: young families with the will to procreate. To create life. You are literally sorrounded by baby carriages. My third tip is actually something I did not do myself yet. Kayaking in the river Spree! These are my three tips to all the visitors coming to Berlin.


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Photo credit: Portrait by Shixin Liang, The Contentmakers. Barcelona photo from Wikipedia.

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