Thai Tuesday: Geng Kheaw Wan (Green Curry) and the new number one pop single in Thailand


For curry lovers, Thailand also has a masterpiece, and this is the well-known Geng Kheaw Wan or often called green curry. The quintessential aroma from the said dish will appear as an exotic perfume that reminds you that you are in the place – the land of smiles! In comparison with the red curry which has a spicy flavor, green curry has sweet flavor.

The combination of garangal, aubergine, bamboo shoots and lemon grass are the ones used to create green curry paste. But since fish sauce is Thai’s native product, the recipe wouldn’t be complete without such ingredient. On the other hand, vegetarians can substitute tofu instead of meat to meet the restriction.

And we have a new number one single in Thailand: Labanoon with เชือกวิเศษ.

Download the single on iTunes here and order you green curry on Hungr here.