“I will never forget when Dortmund won Champions League” (and a cool tip for a dodgy sportsbar in Berlin)


Berlin is the center of the world this weekend with thousands of fans flocking to the already popular tourist destination. Also in the start up community, the atmosphere is tense and full of excitement for the game. We talked to Dimitrios Ploutarchos, Jack of all trades at Hungr, about his relationship with football.

Today we are talking about football. To get things started, which is your favourite football team and who is your favourite player?

My favourite football club in Germany is Borussia Dortmund and my favourite international team is F.C. Barcelona. My favourite player is Lionel Messi.

Do you follow any of the clubs and the players on social media?

Yes, I definitely follow my favourite clubs.

Which is the best football match you ever saw? And were you on the stadium or did you watch it on TV or in a sportsbar? Do you remember your favourite game?

Yeah, I do. It is actually quite some time ago. Maybe already 20 years now almost. It was in the nineties. It was the Champions League final between Dortmund and Juventus. Dortmund won the match 3-1. It is my favourite game. I watched it with my father. It was a great experience. It was so fun.

Do you use football apps to watch the game?

Yes I do. I use the Kicker app. I really like it. I also use the OneFootball app. But I really prefer the design of the Kicker app.

Do you go to any football games in Berlin and do you have any tips for sportsbars in Berlin?

I do sometimes go to the Hertha Berlin games in the weekend if there are some good teams coming to visit. For sportsbars, we sometimes go to this dodgy place in Neukölln called Finale. It is nice because it is always empty, so there is a lot of space to sit and enjoy the games.

Sportsbars are usually dodgy, aren’t they?

Yes, but this one especially.

We have a big game coming up in Berlin this weekend. It is the Champions League final and probably the biggest sporting event of the year in the world. Are you going to watch the game?

I am definitely going to watch the game. It is the best football match of the year. I am not sure who is going to win. I think Juventus is a very strong defensive and a tough team to play. But I really hope that Barcelona makes it. I love seeing their way of playing and want nice football being awarded with the title.

Are you going to update on social media during the game or are you offline?

I am offline.

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