Stay in with a great movie and great food delivered with just a few clicks

Tired from a long work day or clubbing last night? Or do you just feel like staying in? With a few clicks you can watch a great movie and get hot food delivered. Our editors handpicked a quality film you. writes:

If we’re lucky, a few times a year we get as complete a package as “Phoenix.” We get character studies with performances as strong as Hoss and Zehrfeld are here every now and then, or we get auteur-driven films with complex visual choices and an emphasis on style. It’s uncommon to see a film so balanced that it serves as a commentary on the human need to deny war and betrayal while never losing sight of the story of a pianist and nightclub singer in 1945 Berlin. “Phoenix” works on so many levels, it’s the kind of piece that can be dissected and appreciated for decades. And I expect it will be.

International trailer:

German trailer:

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