How to order a pizza delivery if you are just 8 years old


When it comes to pizza movies, Home Alone is the reigning king, now and forever. Pizza not only features heavily in one of the most memorable, most quoted scenes in the movie (more on that in about two seconds), but it also is the catalyst for the disastrous series of events that leads to Kevin being left “home alone” to begin with. After all, it’s the fact that Buzz ate the last of the cheese pizza that causes Kevin to lunge at him, knocking over the drinks and ruining everyone’s dinner. Then, when he refuses to apologize, Kevin is sent to the attic to sleep alone, where he is swiftly forgotten come the chaos of the “We slept in!” morning. But of course, the more famous pizza scene comes later. Kevin, home alone and excited for a whole cheese pizza just for himself, uses a gangster movie to scare the crap out of the pizza delivery boy. KEEP THE CHANGE, YA FILTHY ANIMAL! It should be illegal to watch this movie without a large cheese pizza for every person present.

Here is the German version of the famous scene:

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