This weekend’s itinerary: Foodie edition

Even though we tend to go on and on about how great it is to never ever have to leave your couch to enjoy your favourite food (and of course we encourage you to keep doing that!), there is something to be said for getting out there and tasting all that Berlin has to offer. This city has become a foodie’s paradise, with top notch restaurants, food markets and great events going on all year long. Here’s a little list of places you should definitely try to visit this weekend:

1. On Saturday (for a late lunch): Shiso burger

If you’re into burgers with a twist, definitely visit this excellent Korean style burger place at Augustraße 29c. Our all-time favourite is the Bulgogi Burger with marinated beef, lettuce, red onion, chili-mayo, korean chili base and teriyaki sauce. The beef is tender and juicy, the flavours are overwhelming. Wanna have it all and save a buck? Get the lunch menu!

Screen Shot 2016-02-18 at 13.18.57

2. On Saturday evening, before 22.00:  Berlinale Street Food

Held at Joseph-Eichendorff Gasse, close to S+U Potsdamer platz is brought to you by Markthalle and the Berlinale filmfestival. The delicious slow-food is made of the best quality, fairly-produced ingredients and sold for very fair prices from stands and food-trucks. Definitely try a sandwich from Big Stuff Smoked BBQ, a hot plate of Spätzle from Heißer Hobel or the best Milan has to offer from Alfredo Sironi. Doesn’t that just make your mouth water?

Screen Shot 2016-02-18 at 13.38.09

3. On Sunday (around brunch time): The breakfast Market at Markthalle 9

This weekly recurring food market is the mother of all food markets. Come and enjoy the creations of a great selection of culinary talent at Eisenbahnstraße 42/43, close to U-bahn Görlitzer Bahnhof. You can be sure to find fantastic foods from all around the world, tasty cakes & coffees and wholesome ingredients to try and do it yourself at home (of give to a friend for a present…)

Screen Shot 2016-02-18 at 13.41.20

4. On Sunday (whenever you start to feel peckish again): Forum

Since you’re most likely still recovering from your brunch-binge, why not have a nice soup for dinner at Forum, on the corner of Fehrbelliner and Veteranenstraße? Forum also offers a great selection of wines (being part of the Weinerei family) to aid digestion. All Weinerei stores allow you to pay what you believe you should (so don’t be stingy!). 

Screen Shot 2016-02-18 at 13.42.57
Have a lovely weekend!

A song of praise for the delivery guy

He’s one of the people taken for granted the most.
The amount of steps he takes per day will beat your iPhones’s step counter record any day. He fears no weather condition, not even blizzard Jonas.
He knows your favorite dish by heart, even though you most likely won’t be able to pick him out of a line up.

It’s time to praise him like you should! Next time, when he has finally reached your 5th floor, avoiding the neighbor’s pit bull and the garden sprinklers, and puts that glowing little silver box in your hands, be generous and maybe even sing him a little song:

We’ve come a long long way together,
Through the Phat Thai and the Nood(les)
I have to celebrate you baby,
I have to praise you like I should

Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 15.29.16

Berghain Food Experience – Europe’s best party!

In the “poor but sexy” capital of cool, countless young dancers get ready for their dreamed party at the Berghain.

We all have read about articles on how to get into this club and we all have heard stories related to this “Berlin To Do List” moment.

At Hungr we believe that the waiting and the preparation is as important as the experience itself. So let’s make sure to find the sweet spot for a perfect night out.

  1. Make sure you are in a party mood. Start listening to good music and feel free to warm up your body. Move and get the blood start dancing with you. Soundcloud is a great tool to discover new versions and remix of the songs you love.
  2. Get friends you can go party with. Invite 3 or 4 friends at home…take the initiative don’t wait for them to send you a Whatsapp message. Make sure you get a proper french “Apéro” and start sharing positive vibes together. Laugh and enjoy their company.
  3. Pick an outfit that you feel comfortable with. Our research on the internet suggest to get a proper outfit for Bergain. At Hungr we believe that be confident and comfortable is the best way to look awesome. Fake people always smells bad.
  4. Get a proper meal before to go out. You have been dancing at home already, your energies are low. You are going to stay awake until tomorrow morning. Your crew is with you at home, sharing meal with good friends is a memory that you are going to bring with you forever. Often we don’t have enough food in our fridge and the best way to go over it is ordering food online. Finally do the queue in the cold its not the best way to keep your good time going.

Here’s the news! Hungr finally solved this problem.
Pick your dishes first and we propose you a list of restaurants that are happy to deliver your order.
Download Hungr now and give it a try.

At Hungr we make simple to compare and order from the best Takeaway Restaurant in town.

You probably ordered food online before and you know there’s not such an app or web service that can help with picking the dishes first and that choose the restaurant. 

Imagine that good food is the missing element before to take off for Berghain.

  • you live in Friederischein, Simon Dach Strasse
  • you and other 2 friends want to order food and another one wants to get a bite of whatever food you order.
  • you know exactly what you want to eat but you don’t know if you are going to find the restaurant that can satisfy your hunger all in one.

Here is what Hungr has to offer in case you order Italian or Sushi:

  • Italian
pick your dish italian_1

Pick Your Dish

pick your dish italian_2

Pick Your Dish

pick your restaurant italian_1

Pick Your Restaurant

  • Sushi: At Hungr we know what are the most common Sushi Dishes in Town. So make to try to find these first and avoid being disappointed:
  1. Ebi Nigiri (x2)
  2. Sake Nigiri
  3. California Inside-out
  4. Sake Inside-out
  5. Maki Sake Avocado
  6. Maki Sake
  7. Maki California
  8. Unagi Nigiri

We also solved the problem of ordering Sushi Menu for multiple people without endless scrolling to find what your favorite sushi.
Here you have list of Sushi Menu that you can order everywhere in Berlin.
Sushi Fever, Sushilicious, Maki me happy, Sushi Bites

pick your dish sushi_1

Pick Your Dish

pick your restaurant sushi_1

Pick Your Restaurant

Hungr wrap up: Nice people, good food and music are the best ingredients to get a memorable Berghain experience. Hungr is contributing in giving you the chance of finding dishes that you already have in mind, simply pick those and save valuable time for your friends.


Throwback Thursday: The true story about the only sushi restaurant in communist DDR (that also had a Onsen style bathhouse!)



The Japanese furo bath was a mini sensation in East Germany. Before guests at the Suhl restaurant “Waffenschmied” (Armory) sat down to a far-eastern banquet, men and women stripped off and took to the pleasantly warm water together. The traditional ritual cleansing of body and soul, helped along by a few glasses of the local tipple, meant that workers were quickly able to forget the humdrum realities of life in the Communist state.

A film, “Sushi in Suhl”, tells the story of Waffenschmied and Rolf, played by Uwe Steimle. “This is Rolf Anschütz how we remember him”, “a wonderful memorial for a man who brought fame to our town”, said glowing attendees at the premiere. In the same vein as “Goodbye, Lenin!”, this film takes a comical look behind the wall, exploring life in a society that suffered a shortage of almost everything, from freedom of opinion to daily necessities.

But the fall of the Berlin Wall led to the demise of Anschütz’s dream. Its popularity had had much to do with its exclusivity, but once the world opened to East Germans, the town of Suhl and Anschütz’s restaurant were largely forgotten.The film’s success has ignited a wave of nostalgia for the restaurant, spawning a Facebook page where former diners have posted their photographs and memories and “Rolf Anschütz” walking tours of Suhl by kimono-clad guides. A blue plaque was recently erected on the site where the now derelict restaurant stands.

You can buy the DVD here and the Blu-Ray here.

And you can now order fresh sushi in all of Berlin via the Hungr app.

Why not impress your friends and serve that takeaway pizza on a piece of Berlin art?


Designers Karen Olze (born 1974) & Gisa Wilkens (born 1970) got their diploma together at the University of the Arts Berlin (UdK) in October 2003. Since then, they have designed numerous interesting products for various companies. One of them is this set of animal inspired pizza boards designed in 2013 for Pension Für Produkte. The price is €29,90.

“Large pizza boards with a diameter of 32 centimeters show scenes from the wilderness: a goat having a little snack at sunset, elephants crossing the desert or a bear standing in the water ready to catch a fish.”


Read more about their products here and here. Buy the pizza boards here. Order your takeaway pizza with the Hungr app here.


Read the first part of our blog series about tableware design here.

Turning the good idea into a great startup is about trusting your gut feeling, solving a problem and getting the timing right


Here is the first excerpt of a conversation between Louis Pfitzner, founder and CEO of Salonmeister and Rasmus Wolff, founder and CEO of Hungr.

Blog editor: When you are doing a start up it is usually founded in a good idea. The trick is know whether the idea is attractive for the market and that the timing is right. How do you evaluate the risks and eliminate the concerns and make the final decision to go head? And at what point do you know you are on to something?

Rasmus: For me, at Hungr, it was clearly a gut feeling. You can apply a lot of analysis and intelligence about the market, but if it was as simple as analyzing, then probably smarter people than me will figure it out. The idea for Hungr is that there was a problem that was not being solved. That made me feel the timing was right.

Louis: I think Rasmus is really an expert in his field. Two years ago, when we started Salonmeister, I would not have called myself an expert in the beauty industry. It was rather an initial idea that made sense from an analystical point of view and then we just shipped the product really fast in a basic version. We got immediate feedback from the consumers and according to this we developed the product also the business idea itself. It was about being fast and using the feedback.

Rasmus: It’s complicated, but an interesting formular. The beauty market is very attractive, but not so many have succeeded in this market space. It is nothing new in a sense, but somehow your product meets the market with the right brand and has the right timing with consumer readiness and you just gave it that spark. This is really difficult to predict, when you set out. A lot of companies have tried out in the late nineties and early zeros – also in the online food business, there is a French company that started out in 1998, that is just taking off now – but the consumers were not ready, mobile adaption was not there, all these things have to come together.

Louis: The hard thing is the timing. That is very crucial. It is something where you have to be, yeah, well, lucky.

Blog editor: One of the mantras in the startup business is “never give up”. But it is also one of the big dilemmas. Do do you have the right product, do you have to move one or should you call it a day. This is the frustration of many entrepreneurs.

Rasmus: Did you ever get close to considering turning off the project?

Louis: For us, it was lucky. We got early traction. We started out from a really small base and wanted it to work for them. The question we needed to answer was what people would do with their free time on the smartphone and would they pay for for an online beauty salon service? Luckily, they would.


You can read more about Salonmeister here and follow Salonmeister on Facebook here and on Twitter here.

You can read more about Hungr here (sign up for the app here) and follow Hungr on Facebook here and on Twitter here.

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Raffaele from Hungr: Skype is the most social travel app (and other cool app tips)


It’s summer time and vacation for many people. This week, we talk to Raffaele from Hungr about his favourite apps for travelling and he reveals a special place from his best trip. Remember to sign up for Hungr here.

Vacation time is coming up – which apps and sites do you use to plan your trip?

My favourite service is actually Skype. My girlfriend and I live in different cities, so we use Skype to discuss and plan things like travelling. When we agree on a location, we start looking at Airbnb together trying to find the best solution. On Airbnb you can even find some local tips about the neighbourhood from people who have already been there. Then we move to TripAdvisor to see more information about the district. So may favorite travel tools are Skype, AirBnB and TripAdvisor. [Not all the tips on TripAdvisor are good, ed.]

Once you are actually on vacation, which travel apps do you use to get around and improve your travel experience?

I am still sticking to TripAdvisor. I don’t like to spend too much time on my phone, while I’m on vacation, but TripAdvisor is still a good tool to compare things. Also I use blogs. You can easily search for local blogs on your phone by typing name of the city of area plus blog. You have real people writing about their cites on blogs. I really trust the blogs.

Are you online or offline when you are on vacation and do you take pictures and video with your smartphone and if you do, where do you post them?

Nice question. I try to be offline because I like authentic experience. But at the same time once you get back to your AirBnB home, you like to share memories with your friends. Typically on Facebook. But lately, to tell the truth, the app I love most for travel and for everyday life is called 1SecondEveryDay. The app allows you to take the video you took the day and choose one second frame and put it in a calendar. Then the app creates a video from your frames. So right now, my favourite app is 1SecondEveryDay.

What was your best vacation ever and can we find pictures or video from that vacation on social media?

Again, nice question. My favourite trip so far has been to Barcelona in Spain. It was in June 2008. And of course you find pictures from the trip. I discovered a lot of different things on that trip, where I travelled alone. The city allows you to do everything. It’s sunny and it’s full of art. And I think the thing I love most about Barcelona is a place called Palau de la Música Catalana. Not so many people know about it, but you can find lots of pictures on the Internet, especially of the interior design. Discovering that magical place was part of making the Barcelona trip my favourite.

Thousands of people – millions of people actually – are coming to Berlin this summer. The German capital is becoming one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. What are your three best tips for all these visitors coming to Berlin?

Another nice question. First of all: take the bike. I ride my bike every day and during the summer it is extra wonderful. Riding on a bicycle will give you the best feeling of the city. Berlin is not just about clubbing. It is actually an amazing and relaxing place. It is not like Milan or Paris or other big cities. My second tip is having brunch in Prenzlauer Berg on a Sunday morning, where you will be surrounded by not so young people but you get another feeling of the city: young families with the will to procreate. To create life. You are literally sorrounded by baby carriages. My third tip is actually something I did not do myself yet. Kayaking in the river Spree! These are my three tips to all the visitors coming to Berlin.


You can follow Raffaele on Facebook here and on LinkedIn here.

You can follow on Facebook here and on Twitter here.

Photo credit: Portrait by Shixin Liang, The Contentmakers. Barcelona photo from Wikipedia.

This post and all the content therein is published under the Creative Commons CC BY license.

In The Press: Former Just Eat kingpin looks to take bite out of takeaway market


International Business Times writes:

Former Just Eat executive Rasmus Wolff’s new food delivery service is set to hit London later this year.

Dubbed Hungr, the firm is aiming to revolutionise the way people order food by becoming a “premium club for the best restaurants”.

IBTimes UK caught up with Wolff to talk about the new business and whether it can replicate the success of Just Eat.

“Consumers just want three things: an easy way to order, good food, delivered on time. With something like Just Eat, the customer has to do all the work, they have to go through all the restaurants and it’s a complex and time-consuming task to order takeaway, especially on mobile. With us, the user picks the dish first and then we cherry pick the best restaurants based on rating, distance and price,” Wolff said.

Hungr turns the order process on its head and has users first pick their food first. They are then presented with a choice of three hand-picked restaurants to receive their food from.

Read the full article here.

“I will never forget when Dortmund won Champions League” (and a cool tip for a dodgy sportsbar in Berlin)


Berlin is the center of the world this weekend with thousands of fans flocking to the already popular tourist destination. Also in the start up community, the atmosphere is tense and full of excitement for the game. We talked to Dimitrios Ploutarchos, Jack of all trades at Hungr, about his relationship with football.

Today we are talking about football. To get things started, which is your favourite football team and who is your favourite player?

My favourite football club in Germany is Borussia Dortmund and my favourite international team is F.C. Barcelona. My favourite player is Lionel Messi.

Do you follow any of the clubs and the players on social media?

Yes, I definitely follow my favourite clubs.

Which is the best football match you ever saw? And were you on the stadium or did you watch it on TV or in a sportsbar? Do you remember your favourite game?

Yeah, I do. It is actually quite some time ago. Maybe already 20 years now almost. It was in the nineties. It was the Champions League final between Dortmund and Juventus. Dortmund won the match 3-1. It is my favourite game. I watched it with my father. It was a great experience. It was so fun.

Do you use football apps to watch the game?

Yes I do. I use the Kicker app. I really like it. I also use the OneFootball app. But I really prefer the design of the Kicker app.

Do you go to any football games in Berlin and do you have any tips for sportsbars in Berlin?

I do sometimes go to the Hertha Berlin games in the weekend if there are some good teams coming to visit. For sportsbars, we sometimes go to this dodgy place in Neukölln called Finale. It is nice because it is always empty, so there is a lot of space to sit and enjoy the games.

Sportsbars are usually dodgy, aren’t they?

Yes, but this one especially.

We have a big game coming up in Berlin this weekend. It is the Champions League final and probably the biggest sporting event of the year in the world. Are you going to watch the game?

I am definitely going to watch the game. It is the best football match of the year. I am not sure who is going to win. I think Juventus is a very strong defensive and a tough team to play. But I really hope that Barcelona makes it. I love seeing their way of playing and want nice football being awarded with the title.

Are you going to update on social media during the game or are you offline?

I am offline.

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