Berghain Food Experience – Europe’s best party!

In the “poor but sexy” capital of cool, countless young dancers get ready for their dreamed party at the Berghain.

We all have read about articles on how to get into this club and we all have heard stories related to this “Berlin To Do List” moment.

At Hungr we believe that the waiting and the preparation is as important as the experience itself. So let’s make sure to find the sweet spot for a perfect night out.

  1. Make sure you are in a party mood. Start listening to good music and feel free to warm up your body. Move and get the blood start dancing with you. Soundcloud is a great tool to discover new versions and remix of the songs you love.
  2. Get friends you can go party with. Invite 3 or 4 friends at home…take the initiative don’t wait for them to send you a Whatsapp message. Make sure you get a proper french “Apéro” and start sharing positive vibes together. Laugh and enjoy their company.
  3. Pick an outfit that you feel comfortable with. Our research on the internet suggest to get a proper outfit for Bergain. At Hungr we believe that be confident and comfortable is the best way to look awesome. Fake people always smells bad.
  4. Get a proper meal before to go out. You have been dancing at home already, your energies are low. You are going to stay awake until tomorrow morning. Your crew is with you at home, sharing meal with good friends is a memory that you are going to bring with you forever. Often we don’t have enough food in our fridge and the best way to go over it is ordering food online. Finally do the queue in the cold its not the best way to keep your good time going.

Here’s the news! Hungr finally solved this problem.
Pick your dishes first and we propose you a list of restaurants that are happy to deliver your order.
Download Hungr now and give it a try.

At Hungr we make simple to compare and order from the best Takeaway Restaurant in town.

You probably ordered food online before and you know there’s not such an app or web service that can help with picking the dishes first and that choose the restaurant. 

Imagine that good food is the missing element before to take off for Berghain.

  • you live in Friederischein, Simon Dach Strasse
  • you and other 2 friends want to order food and another one wants to get a bite of whatever food you order.
  • you know exactly what you want to eat but you don’t know if you are going to find the restaurant that can satisfy your hunger all in one.

Here is what Hungr has to offer in case you order Italian or Sushi:

  • Italian
pick your dish italian_1

Pick Your Dish

pick your dish italian_2

Pick Your Dish

pick your restaurant italian_1

Pick Your Restaurant

  • Sushi: At Hungr we know what are the most common Sushi Dishes in Town. So make to try to find these first and avoid being disappointed:
  1. Ebi Nigiri (x2)
  2. Sake Nigiri
  3. California Inside-out
  4. Sake Inside-out
  5. Maki Sake Avocado
  6. Maki Sake
  7. Maki California
  8. Unagi Nigiri

We also solved the problem of ordering Sushi Menu for multiple people without endless scrolling to find what your favorite sushi.
Here you have list of Sushi Menu that you can order everywhere in Berlin.
Sushi Fever, Sushilicious, Maki me happy, Sushi Bites

pick your dish sushi_1

Pick Your Dish

pick your restaurant sushi_1

Pick Your Restaurant

Hungr wrap up: Nice people, good food and music are the best ingredients to get a memorable Berghain experience. Hungr is contributing in giving you the chance of finding dishes that you already have in mind, simply pick those and save valuable time for your friends.


Takeaway Fans: Guest #1 Nicola

Hungr has arrived

Hungr Takeaway Fans- Nicola


Welcome to the first edition of Takeaway Fans – Hungr’s Blog where we interview interesting persons trying out some of the city’s best takeaway.

About Nicola – Our first guest at Takeaway Fans

Hungr has arrived

HUNGR: Welcome to the Hungr Blog Nicola. What are you doing here in Berlin?
Nicola: I’m in Berlin since a couple of days and I don’t know the city very well. Today I visited my brother at his office and we wanted have lunch together and spend time talking and sharing our little stories as we always do. We both have been traveling a lot and are both many experiences richer.

HUNGR: So Nicola – tell us what your first time was like!
Nicola: My first time with the Hungr App was something quite new. I was introduced to the concept by my brother and it’s actually pretty easy to order on Hungr. As an Italian it was great to get the full app in my own language as well.

HUNGR: What stood out for you?
Nicola: I went straight for a Lasagna and ordered a Pasta Aglio e Olio for my brother. The app suggested 3 restaurants ready to deliver I picked the one which was closer.
To be honest it made my day. In 5 minutes my order was placed and I could lean back and wait to get served.

Team Hungr

Nicola’s Lasagna at lunch with his brother

HUNGR: As you know, you are our first guest on the Takeaway Fans blog. We really want to know what the food was like when it arrived!
Nicola: I worked as a Chef for many years and food what I am all about! There are several components of a great food experience: Appearance, texture, odor, taste are the most important characteristics to keep an eye out for.
My Lasagna arrived in a round container, similar to what in Italian it’s called “Terrina”… the only difference was the aluminium. Everything was proper and warm as it should be. The odor of the dish was a bit distracted from sitting in the kitchen next to the coffee machine but you can’t really blame that on the food 🙂
Already the first bite gave me confirmation that I had picked a good restaurant. I am honest when I say that the Lasagna was just as good as the one I make when I have time on Sunday morning – and definitely much better to any my brother ever made.

HUNGR: Happy to hear that! But what about the delivery time and price vs quality?
Nicola: As I said, I’m new in Berlin and I don’t know what is the typical speed for takeaway delivery in town, but my order arrived in 45 minutes! The quality was great and the price was as I would have expected it.

HUNGR: Do you any ideas to suggest to the Restaurant?
Nicola: Maybe one thing would be for the driver to better welcome the user and with a smile help communicate which dish is which so that I don’t have to guess and risk opening the dish belonging to somebody else than me.

Thanks Nicola for sharing  your experience with us.

Hungr is currently running a food initiative in Berlin called “€5🍝🇮🇹” – look for these Emoji’s in the app and enjoy a full Italian menu at only 5€!
Hungr is a mobile only, so make sure to download the App and try the better way to takeaway!

Hungr has arrived

Hungr – Welcome Screen

Hungr has arrived

Hungr Takeaway Fans- Nicola


Wacky Wednesday: Artist Uses Oreos As A Canvas and Creates Insane Cookie Art


oreo_art_2 recently reported on artist Tisha Cherry, for whom Oreo cookies are just another canvas.

Using Oreo’s creme filling as her “paints,” Cherry recreates art masterpieces and more, in miniature, atop the famed cookies.

Her cookie creations include copies of Grant Wood’s “American Gothic,” Henri Matisse’s “The Dance,” Raphael’s “Cherubs,” self-portraits by Frida Kahlo and Vincent van Gogh, and even the poster from the movie “Jaws.”

You probably don’t want to eat these artworks. Instead, order your food via the Hungr app.

Throwback Thursday: Is this the first ad for food delivery ever made?


In 1922, a Chinese restaurant in Los Angeles posted an ad including the text “KIN-CHU CAFE IS THE ONLY PLACE ON THE WEST COAST MAKING AND DELIVERING REAL CHINESE FOOD”.

It is the oldest ad we have been able to find doing simple reseach.

It could be interesting to find out which were the first ads around the world.

Which is the oldest advertisement for food delivery in your country?

You can order real Chinese food via the Hungr app.

Wacky Wednesday: ‘Hannibal’ Re-Cut As A Wacky Food Network Reality Show


This is a re-cut that imagines NBC’s Hannibal as a kind of Food Network-y reality competition show called Hannibal’s Celebrity Kitchen. The editing is pretty on-point, especially the bouncy music and jerky, reality shows camera move. And using clips from the actors’ press interviews about the show as the fake show’s interview cutaways was an inspired decision, as was pretending that the celebrities were at the table themselves, instead of in character.

You can watch Hannibal on Netflix here.

Download the Hungr food delivery app here. [Currently only available in Berlin, Germany]

Throwback Thursday: The true story about the only sushi restaurant in communist DDR (that also had a Onsen style bathhouse!)



The Japanese furo bath was a mini sensation in East Germany. Before guests at the Suhl restaurant “Waffenschmied” (Armory) sat down to a far-eastern banquet, men and women stripped off and took to the pleasantly warm water together. The traditional ritual cleansing of body and soul, helped along by a few glasses of the local tipple, meant that workers were quickly able to forget the humdrum realities of life in the Communist state.

A film, “Sushi in Suhl”, tells the story of Waffenschmied and Rolf, played by Uwe Steimle. “This is Rolf Anschütz how we remember him”, “a wonderful memorial for a man who brought fame to our town”, said glowing attendees at the premiere. In the same vein as “Goodbye, Lenin!”, this film takes a comical look behind the wall, exploring life in a society that suffered a shortage of almost everything, from freedom of opinion to daily necessities.

But the fall of the Berlin Wall led to the demise of Anschütz’s dream. Its popularity had had much to do with its exclusivity, but once the world opened to East Germans, the town of Suhl and Anschütz’s restaurant were largely forgotten.The film’s success has ignited a wave of nostalgia for the restaurant, spawning a Facebook page where former diners have posted their photographs and memories and “Rolf Anschütz” walking tours of Suhl by kimono-clad guides. A blue plaque was recently erected on the site where the now derelict restaurant stands.

You can buy the DVD here and the Blu-Ray here.

And you can now order fresh sushi in all of Berlin via the Hungr app.

Sushi Saturday: You have heard of rolling sushi, but what about floating sushi!?



Osaka is known throughout Japan for being a foodie’s paradise. The area has such a focus on food and dining and has given birth to so many well-known dishes that there’s even a famous saying: Kyo no kidaore, Osaka no kuidaore, meaning “Dress up till you drop in Kyoto, eat till you drop in Osaka”.

This October, the city will be showing us just how much their food culture means to them, with a giant floating sushi train carrying plates of gigantic sushi up and down the river, and we’re taking a sneak peek at video and photos of the trial run!

You can order your own sushi via the Hungr app (but we won’t guarantee that it comes floating).

Funky Friday: The Getup will get your home party cookin’ tonight!


Breakin’ Bread is a Funk & Hip Hop Collective, based in South London. The Collective runs a Record Label, Clubnight and various Radio Shows. The Record Label has been active since 1999 and specialises in the funk and hip hop that surrounds the scene. With B-Boying, Turntablism, MCing and Graffiti, the Clubnight is funk fuelled mayhem.

“Ok, lets go into the studio and just write a fast, funky, signature tune” was the brief for this track. And sure enough, kicking in with the 100mph hi-hat and bongo groove, heavy on the Hammond and Clav, and with it’s instantly recognizable guitar riff you know we’re on The Getup’s home turf. Recorded live in the studio straight to tape, this clearly shows the band have been playing together for enough years to be able to nail a tune like this, but still fuel it with the energy and excitement of a band that are just discovering themselves. And ‘Straight From The Hob’ is an apt title – with it’s hot analogue production and not a single computer involved it’s like the difference between micro-waved baked beans and those, well, straight from the hob. There’s no comparison.

Order your party food via the Hungr app.

Thai Tuesday: Geng Kheaw Wan (Green Curry) and the new number one pop single in Thailand


For curry lovers, Thailand also has a masterpiece, and this is the well-known Geng Kheaw Wan or often called green curry. The quintessential aroma from the said dish will appear as an exotic perfume that reminds you that you are in the place – the land of smiles! In comparison with the red curry which has a spicy flavor, green curry has sweet flavor.

The combination of garangal, aubergine, bamboo shoots and lemon grass are the ones used to create green curry paste. But since fish sauce is Thai’s native product, the recipe wouldn’t be complete without such ingredient. On the other hand, vegetarians can substitute tofu instead of meat to meet the restriction.

And we have a new number one single in Thailand: Labanoon with เชือกวิเศษ.

Download the single on iTunes here and order you green curry on Hungr here.