Throwback Thursday: Do you remember these old iOS apps?


At the launch of the App Store, users had the choice of 500 applications to download and enjoy, but fast forward to 2015 and we’re met with a library of over 1 million titles.

Phonecruncher has taken a look at some of Apple’s first releases on the App Store to see how they’ve held up.

The first developer to address the audience at the WWDC event was Sega, with producer Ethan Einhorn showcasing Super Monkey Ball, arguably the first game to fully make use of the iPhone’s tilt controls.

Super Monkey Ball

  • Developer – Sega
  • 2008’s Approximate Price – £5.99
  • Today’s Price – 69p
  • Last Updated – June 2009

Here’s their rundown of the original apps unveiled by Steve Jobs at WWDC 2008.

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