Food & Music: Classical Violinist Orders Noodles on Hungr and Music on Spotify

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Japanese violinist Chiharu Taki played her first concert with a full symphonic orchestra – conducted by no other than Seiji Ozawa! – at 15 years old. Today, based in Berlin, she performs all over the world. Busy with practice, rehearsals, studies and concerts, she enjoys being able to order take away with a simple app.

“Chi-chan” among friends is a Hungr beta tester and we asked her to pick some music to go with her food. Clicking through the Hungr test app, she ended up ordering noodles and tofu at the nearest restaurant.


Chiharu’s favourite violin player is Gil Shaham and his interpretations of opera music goes really well with the noodles!

Chiharu Taki is performing at the Davos Festival in August and will perform as a soloist in Berliner Philharmonie in November. Visit her new web site here:

Photo: Shixin Liang for The Contentmakers.